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Transport Company

Picture this … you’re a division of a distribution company that specializes in temperature-controlled transport. Over the years, you’ve built a well-respected, state-of-the-art company where the average employee tenure is nearly 20 years.

But, over the last two years, you’ve lost nearly $1 million to work-related incidents and claims. You’ve tried everything to rein it in, but nothing seems to work. And when you talk to your workers’ comp insurance carrier about preventive measures, you’re not sure they know what you’re talking about.

So, you turn to Strategic Comp. We assign you a field-based claims adjuster and a loss control consultant who not only understand your industry, but who also understand the true cause of the injuries. After they do some digging, they even discover many fraudulent claims.

This year’s reported losses are right at $40,000 – that’s a nearly 96% difference. Your workplace is safer than ever and now all your employees know that every claim will be carefully reviewed. That’s what happens when you make things work for everyone.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

Hands On Approach

"Strategic Comp takes a "hands on" approach to managing claims. They do not just pay claims out. They fight for the company's best interest."

Personal Touch

"The majority of the adjusters I work with treat our claims as if it was their own personal money. They go above and beyond with such amazing emotion."

Best of the Best

"Their aggressive approach to getting claims handled/settled/closed is outstanding. They also care about keeping the company's expenses and costs low, and also provide prompt and helpful responses."