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Our companion commercial auto product.

Drive your business with Strategic Comp+Auto

Strategic Comp is the smarter way to do workers’ comp - giving businesses more control over their costs, risks, and outcomes than they ever had before. Now, there’s also a smarter way to do commercial auto with Strategic Comp + Auto. It’s everything you love about Strategic Comp, now with a companion commercial auto product. We can look at accounts with a fleet size of 25+ power units.

With Strategic Comp+Auto, accounts get the following benefits for both their workers’ comp and commercial auto coverages:

  • Loss-sensitive plans. Pay on actual losses, not assumed losses.

  • Comprehensive loss prevention plans. Safety first! We customize loss prevention plans to help keep our customers accident-free.

  • Personal account management. Every customer gets a dedicated service team, including an account manager, loss prevention specialist, and a team of claims adjusters.

  • Aggressive claims. At Strategic Comp, we work harder to fight fraud and act faster to settle claims.

Preferred classes for Strategic Comp+Auto include:

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Specialty contractors

At this time, we cannot offer commercial auto coverage for:

  • Accounts with significant passenger transportation

  • Hazmat/fuel hauling

  • Logging

  • Towing

  • For-hire trucking

  • Fleets with predominant exposure in CA or NY

Strategic Comp+Auto is available in most states. Contact us today to learn more!

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