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In 1992, Stephen Rosenthal decided he was done with traditional workers’ comp. He’d been an insurance producer in Louisiana and saw firsthand the results of a system where claims fraud was too frequent, employer costs were too high, and employee care was too little, too late. So, he set out to create a whole new model for workers’ comp, and Strategic Comp (originally called Specialty Risk Programs) was born.

Operating as a Managing General Agent (MGA), Strategic Comp began writing on Great American Insurance Company paper in 1996 and grew the business to 8 southeastern states by 2007. Recognizing how disruptive this unique business model could be, Great American purchased Strategic Comp in 2008 and launched a national expansion plan, leading to rapid growth.

Today, Strategic Comp is giving businesses more control over their costs, risks, and outcomes than they’ve ever had before. What’s more, they’re doing it for companies from coast-to-coast and achieving an annual retention rate over 90%. That’s what happens when you find a way to make workers’ comp work for everyone.

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When is the last time you felt like you made a difference to your employer and in the job you do? Been awhile? Never? Our employees at Strategic Comp DO make a difference and feel appreciated for it. Find your next opportunity here.

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