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Timber Company

Picture this … you’re a large forest products company with dozens of paper and energy plants across the U.S. and Canada. You’ve grown from a two-person family-owned business to one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable wood products and green energy.

But, one of your long-time employees is seriously burned while repairing some equipment. He is immediately taken to the hospital where doctors determine he has 2nd degree burns over 13% of his body and then airlifted to a burn center.

So, you turn to Strategic Comp. Our case manager drives to the burn center to check on your employee, gets his family a hotel room for the night, and covers their meals. She even recommends he get transferred to another burn center where she knows he will get better care.

Now, your employee is back to work with no restrictions and has settled his claim. During the settlement hearing, his wife literally cried tears of joy over the quality of care they received – and the Administrative Law Judge said she’d never heard of an insurance company spoken so highly of. That’s what happens when you make things work for everyone.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

Hands On Approach

"Strategic Comp takes a "hands on" approach to managing claims. They do not just pay claims out. They fight for the company's best interest."

Personal Touch

"The majority of the adjusters I work with treat our claims as if it was their own personal money. They go above and beyond with such amazing emotion."

Best of the Best

"Their aggressive approach to getting claims handled/settled/closed is outstanding. They also care about keeping the company's expenses and costs low, and also provide prompt and helpful responses."