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Change the Model

Because safety should lead to savings.

When it comes to workers’ comp, you’re doing the best you can.

You’re trying to keep your e-mod in check. Your safety team is working on employee training. And your insurance agent is looking for ways you can get those premiums down. If you could do anything else, you would. But workers’ comp is what it is. There are just too many factors you can’t control. So you end up paying too much for too little – and feel trapped in a century-old system when what you really need is a whole new approach.

It’s time to Change the Model

You need to switch to a new business model that helps you achieve far better outcomes and lets you pocket the extra savings that result.

  • Switch to a unique low aggregate policy that lets you reap the rewards of good performance.

  • Dramatically reduce claims and costs with a consultative approach that creates more effective loss-control initiatives and includes continual check-ins.

  • Save money while capping your overall risk at much lower levels than other deductible programs.

  • Take advantage of an incentive plan that’s tailor made to your business.

  • Eliminate the need for stacking of letters of credit or security.

  • Improve cash flow with monthly billing of paid claims.

  • Get a more flexible plan that will work for you even if you have a history of higher e-mods.

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of our customers stay below their aggregate in a given year.


Our average customer uses only 51% of their aggregate.

Driving Down Costs

"We have continually driven the cost down as a percentage of our revenue almost every year since we’ve been with Strategic Comp."

Strategic Comp Customer

Hard Work Pays Off

"To me, the top benefit is you’re not paying a guaranteed cost insurance program where you have no opportunity to get that money back. In this particular program, you get to benefit from your hard work and good experience."

Strategic Comp Agent

A Team Approach

"It's so much more of a team environment. I really feel like my [Strategic Comp] team is my team. With other companies, it's basically 'we'll get to you when we get to you.'"

Strategic Comp Customer

So How is Strategic Comp Different?

We reinvented workers' comp by creating a product that turns the traditional approach on its head.

Change the Model

Because safety should lead to savings.

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Cut the Risks

Because accidents shouldn't happen.

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Control the Claims

Because you can fight fraud and increase care.

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Let’s Make This Work for Everyone

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