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Pipe Manufacturer

Picture this … you’re a leading pipe manufacturer that’s been in business for nearly 80 years. You’ve tackled projects for industries ranging from power and energy to mining and pharmaceuticals.

But, one of your employees is seriously injured on the job. He is rushed to the hospital, treated for an electrical burn, and sent home shortly thereafter. Despite getting the care he needed as soon as possible, infection sets in just a few days later.

That’s why there’s Strategic Comp. When your claims adjuster stops by the employee’s home to check on him, she sees the infection and advises he get re-admitted. The employee ends up having surgery the next day, which spares his hand from permanent damage.

Now, your employee is completely recovered and back to work. He’s happy to be back at the job he enjoys, and you’re glad you have a proactive claims adjuster nearby to help you take care of your employees. That’s what happens when you make things work for everyone.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

Hands On Approach

"Strategic Comp takes a "hands on" approach to managing claims. They do not just pay claims out. They fight for the company's best interest."

Personal Touch

"The majority of the adjusters I work with treat our claims as if it was their own personal money. They go above and beyond with such amazing emotion."

Best of the Best

"Their aggressive approach to getting claims handled/settled/closed is outstanding. They also care about keeping the company's expenses and costs low, and also provide prompt and helpful responses."