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Cut the Risks

Because accidents shouldn't happen.

You just can’t understand why the same accidents keep happening.

Your safety team conducted a mandatory training session a few weeks ago, but it’s like it never even happened. So you cross your fingers, add another training session to the calendar, and hope nothing goes wrong in the meantime. You wish there were more you could do to prevent accidents in the first place, but what else is there? Accidents happen, and it just is what it is – right?


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Cut the Risks

Work with an account management team, including loss control experts, who identify clear, practical ways to reduce your workplace incidents and give you hands-on help with implementing those changes.

Strategic Comp helps you cut the risks by:

  • Working directly with your management team on ways to improve your company’s safety culture.

  • Implementing proven loss control measures that minimize unsafe behaviors and, on average, reduce lost-time claims frequency by 40%.

  • Proactively monitoring your results and being “on call” when you need us.

When you have an outside expert to help you keep your safety initiatives on track, you’ve got what it takes to make this work for everyone.

No Lost Time

"We’ve gone over 365 work days without a lost time injury. Strategic Comp has been crucial in helping us achieve that."

Strategic Comp Customer

Happy Customers

"Strategic Comp institutes safety programs that they feel will help companies avoid claims. All of my clients have benefited from that knowledge."

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Better Costs

"The safer we are, the better our costs are going to be, and Strategic Comp has helped us over the last three years to get more aggressive on managing safety."

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So How is Strategic Comp Different?

We reinvented workers' comp by creating a product that turns the traditional approach on its head

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Change the Model

Because safety should lead to savings.

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Cut the Risks

Because accidents shouldn't happen.

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Control the Claims

Because you can fight fraud and increase care.

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Let's Make This Work for Everyone

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