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Auto Successes

Strategic Comp is dedicated to making comp and auto work for everyone.

Here are just a few examples of clients who have said yes to our differentiated companion auto product.

Grocery store operation

This grocery store operation with a 94-unit fleet is a long-term Strategic Comp workers' comp customer with a strong management team. With their loss experience combined with a difficult market, they were looking at a large increase on their auto. Our loss control team identified several ways to help them reduce losses, and we wrote the auto on a $100,000 deductible program to give the insured skin in the game and an opportunity to control costs with strong results.

Steel distributor

This 70-unit fleet account is a current Strategic Comp customer whose management team recently increased their safety focus and improved their auto losses accordingly. However, the market was still punishing them for past losses, and they were facing a renewal increase of over 50% on their auto premium. We bound a $100,000 deductible program that provided up-front savings, and worked with the insured to implement additional loss control measures to further improve results.

Mulch manufacturer and distributor

This new Strategic Comp customer has a 69-unit fleet that that inspected very well. We identified a few areas to further improve both their workers' comp and auto results, and wrote both lines of coverage – the workers' comp with an aggregate deductible structure, and the auto with a $25,000 liability deductible.

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