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Your Slam Dunk Carrier

No madness, just a slam dunk workers' comp program!

It's hard not to love this season of bracketology and buzzer beaters. Strategic Comp is here to be your Cinderella story! With a broad appetite - including a companion commercial auto product - we are equipped to run point for your accounts of all sizes.

Why choose Strategic Comp?


Whether your customer has a single location or multiple across many states, our service teams are here to help you retain customers of all sizes.


Our hands-on team works with you and your insured to help ensure satisfaction and success.


As a member of Great American Insurance Group, Strategic Comp has the financial strength that you and your customers can count on.

Ready to learn more? Premium requirements vary by class and state. Click below to find more information about our program and appetite. Contact your Marketing Account Executive for more information!

The Strategic Comp Program
Preferred Classes