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Your Hybrid Workers' Comp Solution

Combining the best of both worlds

Amid the various workers’ comp market options available today, many agents who work with Strategic Comp refer to our model as a hybrid solution – a program that lies somewhere between guaranteed cost and traditional large deductible, and in a sense can help to offer the best of both worlds.

At Strategic Comp, here is what you will find…

  • Lower aggregates. Our model competes more closely with guaranteed cost, allowing insureds to take advantage of the benefits of a large deductible plan, but with typically much less top-end risk than a traditional plan. This makes us a great solution for first-time loss-sensitive buyers (and sellers) too!

  • Collateral that won’t break the bank. With our Letter of Credit option, insureds can avoid stacked collateral year upon year, often leading to a much more favorable long-term collateral position than the alternatives. Other flexible options are available!

  • Insured feeling under-served? Not here! We provide policyholders with a dedicated field-based service team. These strong relationships can help to reduce losses and maximize rewards!

  • Happy insured, happy agent! Our financial model, paired with our rock-solid service approach, leads to happy policyholders and a consistent 90+% retention, which also leads to peace of mind for you!

  • Low qualifying minimum premiums. Your middle market customers can benefit from this program as well! Our model also allows the unique ability to make these offerings at a lower premium level than other competitors. (Select classes and states require higher minimums.)

  • National Account division. A seasoned team, dedicated to servicing your larger clients paying over $1.5 million in guaranteed cost equivalent premium, with geographic spread.

  • Open market! Strategic Comp has no volume commitments, and works with brokers of all sizes. If you have an account that might be a fit, we’d like to hear from you!

Contact your Marketing Account Executive today for guidance about Strategic Comp's program, and let's look at your accounts that are ready to take control of their costs, risks and outcomes!

Let's make this work!