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Telemedicine Now Available

March 18, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, social distancing, and an increasingly strained health care system, Strategic Comp insureds now have the opportunity to use Concentra Telemedicine if they are injured at work. Concentra Telemedicine allows the employee to use a computer or a smartphone to video conference with a licensed clinician trained in occupational medicine without having to leave work or sit in a waiting room. Using video conferencing, the clinician can diagnose, recommend treatment, and even prescribe medication when necessary. Obviously, for very severe workplace injuries, there is no substitute for a physical visit to a doctor’s office or an emergency room. However, the Concentra Telemedicine option could be ideal for the following types of work injuries:

  • First-degree burns

  • Minor neck and back strains/sprains

  • Bruises/contusions

  • Abrasions/scrapes

  • Work-related rashes

  • Tendonitis/repetitive use injuries

  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure

The cost of a Concentra Telemedicine appointment is similar to the cost of a physical appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

For Strategic Comp insureds who are interested in making this option available to their employees, here is all that you need to do:

  • Determine if you can set up a computer or tablet with internet access, a microphone, and a video camera in a private location in your facility that employees can use for telemedicine appointments. If you cannot make a private computer or tablet available for this use, then the employee would still have the option of using his/her personal phone or tablet or home computer.

  • Share the news with your employees that this is an option.

  • When/if an injury happens that you feel is appropriate for telemedicine, suggest the Concentra Telemedicine option to the injured employee.

  • If the employee is interested in the telemedicine option, he/she can request a visit on either the Concentra Telemed app or

  • After the employee requests the visit, he/she will be connected to a care coordinator who will register the employee, ask initial triage questions, and then do a virtual hand-off of the employee to the licensed clinician.

  • The clinician then virtually meets with the employee for diagnosis and treatment. After the initial appointment, the clinician may release the employee from care, recommend a follow-up telemedicine appointment, or, in the cases of more severe injuries, recommend that the employee go to a clinic or emergency room.

It is that easy. All billing for telemedicine appointments for workers’ compensation claims will be handled by Concentra and Strategic Comp behind the scenes, no differently than if the employee went to a physical doctor.

Please note that due to regulatory issues, the telemedicine option is not yet available for employees who seek treatment in the following states: AR, ID, MS, MT, NV, NY, SD, WV. However, given the current environment, we anticipate that this option will be opened up in those states very shortly.