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Strength, Experience and Expertise

Strategic Comp's aggregate deductible workers' comp program provides a cost savings option to guaranteed cost where insureds can be rewarded for their good performance while minimizing their risk. This means customers are only paying for the losses they do have, not the losses they might have.

Our Simple Approach Works for Everyone

The beauty of Strategic Comp's program is this: When your customer has low claims, they get to capture the savings that result in the difference between the fixed cost and the deductible. Losses under the amount of the deductible is money that stays in their pockets.

Service Matters

Every Strategic Comp customer has a dedicated, field-based team:

An Account Manager who leads the overall account management.

A Loss Prevention Consultant to affect quick change of safety culture with often dramatic results.

A Field Claim Specialist for hands-on intensive claims management.

Let's Make This Work for Everyone!

Strategic Comp can help you and your customers solve even the toughest problems. Contact your local Marketing Representative today to learn more!

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Certain states and classes require higher minimums.