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Workers' Comp Doesn't Have to Be Scary!

We may be in the midst of spooky season, but workers’ comp doesn’t have to be scary.

Let us help these clients and many others avoid the heebie jeebies!

1-Construction: We want to see your construction accounts with stellar safety records who want to achieve better cost savings than they can get from a guaranteed cost program.

2-Transportation: We can help put your transportation accounts in the fast lane to success. In most states, our program is available for transportation risks paying over $200,000 in guaranteed cost premium with minimal exposure outside our field-based states.

3-Commercial Auto: In addition to our unique aggregate deductible workers’ comp program, a companion commercial auto product is available to add on. Monoline coverage not available.

4-Healthcare: No bones about it, our program also works for your healthcare accounts, particularly nursing homes and retirement communities!

5-Metals/Iron/Steel Products: If your clients are on the fence about our program, let us know! We can provide references and help educate.

6-Let us take the spooky out of workers’ comp. We write at the local level and we also service National Accounts. See a sampling of what we write and contact your Marketing Account Executive to get started!

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