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Spring is on the way, and now is a great time to take a look at your upcoming renewals to see how a Strategic Comp workers' comp program might help to grow success - for you and your customers. Take a look at some of what we've written recently, and let's talk about our next success!

Outpatient Hospital - We wrote this insured for many years, but they checked out after receiving a very aggressive guaranteed cost policy. After one year, they realized the service from their new carrier was not the hands-on care they received with Strategic Comp. Our team was excited to welcome them back.

Pallet Manufacturer - The losses on this insured were stacking up and their premiums were rising accordingly. We were able to come in and provide a more palatable financial structure and help design a plan that “wood” get them on their way to improved performance. Our platform was the perfect long-term solution.

Home Health - This insured was searching for a loss-sensitive program that could provide a positive impact to their bottom line while providing hands-on service. The combination of our aggregate deductible structure with our dedicated field-based service team paired up to deliver the perfect home for their workers’ compensation program.

Automobile Dealership - Aggressive pricing was needed to put the sold sign on this deal. The potential cost savings from our model brought them in for discussions. Learning more about our claims management and low caseload for adjusters got them to sign on the dotted line.

Warehouse-Distribution - Having a long-term relationship with their current carrier, this insured was not one to move around but the deteriorating service they were receiving had them looking for alternative solutions. Claims handling was a top priority and the distribution of caseloads across our dedicated team provided the hands-on structure they were looking for.

Meat Processor - Our new insured was looking for prime service and found the options to select from were not up to the quality they expected from their workers’ compensation carrier. Knowing our dedicated service team model would fit their appetite, the agent brought the account to Strategic Comp. Pairing our paid loss aggregate deductible program with the potential for savings provided the perfect choice.

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