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Recent Successes

Strategic Comp is dedicated to making workers’ comp work for everyone. Here are just a few examples of clients who have said yes to our differentiated offering.

Boat Manufacturer

This insured was tired of sinking their money into their workers’ compensation coverage with nothing to show for it. They were looking for a carrier that would work with them on taking their safety program to the next level as well as benefit from their excellent experience. After reviewing our cost savings aggregate deductible plan and meeting with our dedicated service team, they were ready to drop anchor and get started with Strategic Comp.

Auto Parts Manufacturer

As a multi-state self-insured risk, managing multiple moving parts was not a fun task. In addition, their self-insured retention continued to increase to a point where it was time to put on the brakes. Our aggregate deductible structure provided the risk protection they needed for a premium not much more than they were currently paying for self-funding. The pieces fit together perfectly to provide the risk reward benefits they were looking for from their workers’ compensation carrier.

Refuse Truck Body Manufacturer

Cheap guaranteed cost options can often be very enticing. Unfortunately, as they say, you get what you pay for, and sometimes the services provided are rubbish. That is exactly what this prior insured of ours discovered when they left us for a few years. Looking to clean up their program, they were excited to return to work with their dedicated service team at Strategic Comp.

Nursing Home

As a national size account, this insured was not getting the care needed from their previous carrier to prevent losses and reduce claims cost. With no loss prevention leading to more claims, and those that were occurring not getting the level of hands-on service needed, their total incurred losses were out of control. Knowing our success with this class of business, the agent brought them home to us for a long-term solution.

Waste Hauler

A guaranteed cost premium well over $1 million felt like throwing money in the garbage. Looking for a program that could provide a better cash flow advantage and a carrier that would not waste the insured’s premium dollars led the agent to Strategic Comp. Our paid loss aggregate deductible program provided the structure needed, and meeting their dedicated service team sealed the deal!

Beverage Distributor

This National Account was on the road to improvement and beginning to see the results in their loss experience. Unfortunately, they were not seeing it in their experience mod and were still being penalized with a high guaranteed cost premium. Our structure allowed the insured to benefit from their good performance and hit the highway to savings without much risk on the upside. They are excited to work with Strategic Comp to take their risk management program to a new level.

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