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Recent Successes

Strategic Comp is dedicated to making workers’ comp work for everyone. Here are just a few examples of clients who have said yes to our differentiated offering.

Property Developer & Management Company

Our agent controlled the benefits on this new insured with operations throughout the country. Their experience mod was developing higher and higher, leaving them seeking options that could help them manage their workers' compensation. After reaching out to a similar operation that we insured for a reference, they were eager to see what we could bring to the table. The great review paved the way for a new account for the agent and Strategic Comp!

Sawmill Operation

The leadership team for our new insured was unhappy with the service they were receiving from their previous carrier. While sawmills can be a difficult class of business, our agent knew we have had excellent results with our existing sawmill customers. Once the customer saw our deductible structure’s potential savings and learned more about our service model, they were ready to come on board!

Senior Living Community

This National Account was already on a loss sensitive program. The ever-increasing collateral had them seeking options at renewal. In addition, they were looking for better claims handling with a more hands-on approach than they were currently receiving. Our aggregate deductible program provided a premium cost savings in addition to a lower collateral requirement. We are now positioned to be the long-term caretaker for this insured.

Janitorial Services

A pre-sales meeting with the insured piqued their interest in our program structure. The ability to work with our dedicated service team to clean up their losses combined with the potential savings from our aggregate deductible program provided the solution they were looking for. After the final presentation, they knew we were the perfect custodian for their workers' compensation.

Modular Home Manufacturer

We have worked on this insured in the past but low guaranteed cost premiums kept them from making a move. Over the years, they began to realize that you get what you pay for. Even though cheap guaranteed cost was still available, it was time for them to find a new home for their workers' compensation coverage, with a dedicated service team to build a long-term program for their growing company.

Automobile Dealership

Our new insured was on the road to bigger and better things. Growth had them in the market for a newer model workers' compensation program. The incumbent agent really liked our structure and felt the potential cost savings and cash flow advantages of our structure provided the perfect features. With the add-on package of our dedicated service team, they were ready to sign the deal!

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