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Get Motivated

National Safety Month: Get Motivated

To say people and companies have been distracted from their jobs over the past year is an understatement. And from a safety perspective, it’s important to remember that distracted workers – even seasoned long-term skilled employees – are prone to making mistakes.

It’s understandable. Employees are grappling with multiple questions: How long will the situation last? How will my employment be affected? How much longer will I have to work extra? Is my family safe? Am I safe?

Why it Matters

When people get distracted from their jobs, safety incidents tend to go up. In times of stress, overtime, etc., many might think that company management want them to focus on efficiency, even at the cost of safety. For others, the mind wanders given other concerns, whether from working long hours or simply exhaustion.

Even the best-intentioned organizations have let some safety protocols/attention lapse during this past year. June is National Safety Month, and we would encourage you to take this month to regroup, focus and get your organization’s safety culture back to maximum effectiveness. And Strategic Comp is here to help.

Areas of Focus

Throughout the month of June, Strategic Comp will be sharing information that focuses on areas that could help strengthen your safety culture. Expect to see more information on the following:

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Facility/Physical Conditions: We’ll highlight the importance of regular audits and inspections to identify opportunities before they become an accident/injury.

Safe Behaviors: Here, you’ll understand the importance of observing and coaching employees to work safely.

Messaging/Communication: We’ll help you make sure your organization’s safety communication is clear and effective.

Every Strategic Comp insured has its own dedicated loss prevention professional. Let’s make safety not just a month-long focus, but an ongoing focus that helps employees get home safely each day to their families and friends!

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