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Strategic Comp is dedicated to making workers’ comp work for everyone. Here are just a few examples of clients who have said yes to our differentiated offering.

Hotel Group

Our new insured had made vast improvements in renovating their workers' comp program over the recent years and the Risk Manager was looking for ways to see rewards for their efforts. The agent knew it was time for them to check out our program. Once they saw the room for savings our structure provided, they were ready for a long term stay and made the move to Strategic.

Nursing Home

This is a class of business that we have become well known for writing. The agent on this one had partnered with us on many others and was looking for a long-term home for this insured that had been with several carriers. The consistency and care our dedicated service teams provide made the move to us a smooth transition.

Property Management

The spread of locations across the country had this insured looking for a carrier with consistent claims management and loss prevention. Our hands-on approach and dedicated service teams throughout their footprint provided the amenities they were looking for and allowed them to focus on managing properties rather than trying to manage claims. After meeting the team, the deal was done, and they were sold!

Manufacturer of After Market Truck Accessories

After several years of excellent performance, this insured ran into some bumps in the road. A few shock losses had them faced with an increasing premium and looking for options to absorb some of the costs. Once presented with our structure where they could dramatically reduce their premium while having very little risk on the upside, they were ready to put the wheels in motion and make the move to Strategic Comp.

Site Prep, Paving and Concrete Contractor

Our new insured had the policies and procedures in place for a successful safety program. They had done all the prep work needed and their workers' compensation experience reflected the benefits. However, their premium did not. Our aggregate deductible program paved the way for them to see the rewards from their hard work and efforts. The meeting with our Loss Prevention Specialist that would partner with them to take their program to the next level cemented the deal..

Furniture Seating Designer and Manufacturer

This was a new agent for us that was looking for a better structure and home for his insured. Being unknown to the agent and the insured, we needed a way to get our foot in the door with an indication designed to pique their interest, which included a referral from an employee that used to work with us at another furniture manufacturer. The combination of efforts gave them the comfort they were looking for to go forward with Loss Prevention and the proposal meeting. After meeting the Strategic Comp team, the bind order was placed. Time for the insured to sit back and relax!

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